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Sub National Protection Cluster Co-Coordinator


Job Description

Sub National Protection Cluster Co-Coordinator

With protection being strategic and cross-cutting, the Sub-National Protection Cluster Co-Coordinator (SN-PCCC), together with the Sub National Protection Cluster Coordinator (SN-PCC), under leadership of UNHCR, assumes the responsibility of promoting the centrality of protection in the overall humanitarian response in areas under the Aden Hub. In addition to ensure access to quality protection services, the Sub-National Protection Cluster, in cooperation with the SN-PCC, is also responsible for providing training and guidance so that protection is sufficiently mainstreamed across clusters and sectors.

The SN-PCCC represents the Protection Cluster in inter-cluster coordination mechanisms, at the Inter-Cluster Working Group and in other relevant fora (as necessary). The SN-PCCC represents the interests of the members of the Protection Cluster, respecting and promoting the humanitarian principles.

The SN-PCCC supports the work of the sub-clusters (Child Protection, GBV and the MATWG) while ensuring a holistic and coordinated approach in the protection response and ensures consultation to represent interests of sub-clusters.

Moreover, and in close coordination with the SN PC coordination team and the National Protection Cluster team, the SN-PCCC will ensure:

• Timely and coordinated action to address the protection needs of affected populations by Sub-National Protection Cluster members

• Relevant and robust coordination mechanisms, incl. information management, are established and maintained with Sub-National Protection Cluster members, government counterparts and donors, for timely and effective needs assessments, planning, prioritization, implementation, reporting and evaluation

• Help to track trends and identify shared and common concerns in operational areas: Quality analysis of context and data, permitting prioritization of protection related response activities, considering age, gender, disability and other diversities of the affected populations

• Ensure that Sub-National Protection Cluster members are accountable to affected populations through consultation, participation, feedback and response mechanisms integrated throughout the programming cycles

• Help to develop more upstream advocacy and programming strategies.

• Timely and evidence-based advocacy for adequate funding of activities delivered by the Sub-National Protection Cluster.



• Support the SN-PCC to convene and facilitate Sub-National Protection Cluster meetings in line with the Principles of Partnership, ensuring that meetings are consultative and results-oriented

• Promote the coherence of national programming and overall coordination. Promote the centrality of protection in the overall humanitarian response throughout the humanitarian program cycle, incl. timely and comprehensive protection analysis and recommendations for action

• Ensure that the protection response is driven by a Protection Cluster strategy, which is informed by protection considerations and humanitarian principles, developed in a consultative process with Sub-National Protection Cluster members and external partners

• Ensure monitoring and reporting on activities, needs, and performance against the Protection Cluster strategy and agreed results

• Proactively represent the Sub-National Protection Cluster and the interests of Sub-National Protection Cluster members in inter-cluster working group, including with the government, ensuring consultation with Sub-National Protection Cluster members on key messages and adherence to humanitarian principles of impartiality, independence, neutrality and humanity

• Ensure coordination with government counterparts and other relevant authorities as well as complementarity with government policies and plans, where possible

• Co-lead and coordinate protection need assessments of all affected populations within the Protection Cluster or at the inter-cluster level

• Ensure evidence-based collaborative planning

• Provide timely information as available and appropriate to Sub-National Protection Cluster members concerning funding opportunities as well as advocating of funding of protection activities under the Aden Hub

• Co-coordinate and contribute to initiatives, including the delivery of protection training activities, to build the protection capacity of inter alia Sub-National Protection Cluster members and local authorities, external partners and civil society;

• Co-facilitate reporting and information sharing within the Sub-National Protection Cluster and at the inter-cluster level and information sharing / collaboration with other sub-national clusters, particularly in regard to geographic areas of intersection.

• Facilitate reporting, information-sharing and collaboration with the national cluster coordinator / coordination team

• Ensure the collection, analysis and use of sex and age disaggregated data, and that reporting captures gender, age and diversity dimensions

Qualifications & Experience

Professional experience

Professional requirements

  • Hold a master’s degree in social science or any related field (unless compensated with minimum 5 year of relevant work experience)
  • At least 3 years relevant coordination experience in the protection sector in emergency settings
  • Familiarity with the Cluster system and OCHA functions is mandatory
  • Prior experience in providing coordination, training and guidance to partners (UN agencies, INGOs, NNGOs) in carrying out protection & multi-sector rapid assessments and intention surveys in challenging environment
  • Prior experience in roles of coordination & representation of national and international NGOs
  • Deep knowledge of protection mainstreaming, referral pathway mechanisms and service mapping
  • Prior experience in working in protracted complex emergency setting, involving high numbers internal displacement
  • Demonstrated knowledge of project proposal writing, while prior experience in Cluster defense would be an asset


  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Highly recommended that the candidate is an Arabic speaker

Personal requirements

  • Strong team spirit, comfortable in a multi-cultural environment
  • Strategic vision and planning
  • Ability to work in a team as well as independently
  • High flexibility
  • Constructive critical thinking
  • Ability to work and adapt in different environments
  • Very strong interpersonal skills: strong communication and diplomatic skills
  • Practical and problem-solver
  • Ability to work independently while soliciting inputs from others on issues of mutual interest and/or linking back to mission vision and strategy
  • Excellent analytical skills, observation and analysis capacity
  • Ability to plan ahead and output oriented
  • Able to ensure quick quality delivery in very stressful and confined environment
  • Ability to adhere to deadlines and respect line management
  • Ability to deal with heavy work pressure
  • Ability to deliver finished products with high attention to accuracy, logic and comparative context



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