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External Auditor (CALL FOR Technical and Financial Offer)


Job Description

CALL FOR Technical and Financial Offer

External audit service



Participation in this service providing procedure is open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons and entities officially registered and certified from the relevant authorities.

1.2.Contractual conditions

The applicant should bear in mind the provisions of the draft contract which specifies the rights and obligations of the contractor, particularly those on payments, performance of the contract, confidentiality, and checks and audits.

1.3.Compliance with applicable law

The applicant must comply with all the relevant applicable laws of the Republic of Yemen.

1.4.Identification of the Applicant

The offer must include a cover letter signed by an authorized representative presenting the name of the applicant and the name of the single contact point (leader) in relation to this procedure.

1.5.Presentation of Offers

Offers must be submitted via email attached with all the required documents and information and they shall be:

  • Clear and concise.

  • Signed by the legal representative and stamped,

  • Meet specific requirements of the invitation, within the deadlines laid down.


2.1.Title of the contract

YWBOD 2020 External Auditing Service


Youth without Borders Organization for Development (YWBOD), referred to as "the Organization", is launching an invitation to submit offers for external audit service on the financial matters of the Organization and its projects and activities during the fiscal year 2020.

2.3.Subject of the contract

In order to gain assurance on the effective functioning of the management and control systems and the legality and regularity of the expenditures, the Organization requires support for auditing its activities and will contract out services by one company for the supply of audit services. These outsourced services will be carried out under the direct control and supervision of the Board of Trustees. The audits shall take place during the January and or February 2021, review of all the financial statements, fund and expenditures on the basis of sampling of the financial and procurement procedures.


Audit of accounts/financial statements - intended to provide an assurance regarding the completeness, accuracy and veracity of the annual accounts to be submitted to the Organization by 15 February 2021.

Audit of recoveries and financial corrections - to verify that statements on the amounts withdrawn and recovered during the fiscal year are accurate, true, complete and reliable and that they correspond to effective and accurate corrections of irregularities.

Closure audits (2020) - audits in order to establish that requests for final payments are accurate and based on reliable documentation and to verify the legality and regularity of the expenditure declared under the winding-up declaration.

Specific audit assignments or ad-hoc audits - to verify particular gaps in the management and control systems of the Organization (e.g. respect of procurement procedures, fact finding missions, fraud assessment etc.).

Financial audits/expenditure verifications – to confirm that all payments were made on the basis of eligible expenditure, to verify the reliability of the financial statements, to assess the accounting system procedures and that the accounting records are properly kept.


The audit firm undertakes to comply with generally and internationally accepted standards for auditing and accounting (in public and in private sector). Audit work is carried out in accordance with known international accounting standards applicable to the Organization policies.


 3.1.Duration of the Contract

The duration of the framework contract will be one month from the date of signing the contract.

3.2.Location for performance of services

As the Organization is based in Taiz city, the audits shall be carried out there. However, online communication and performance of the audit can be approved by the Organization if requested with convincing justifications.

3.3.Organization of the work of the Framework contract

Overall management of the Framework contract

Representing the Board of Trustees, the Organization's chairman will be the overall manager for the framework contract defined in these invitation specifications, which includes the role of contact point for the contractors, general coordination and keeping an overview on the use of the framework contract and receives the comments and reports. 


The following reports must be produced on all the work carried out by the contractor in performance of the framework contract:

  • Initial list of findings and comments to be responded by the Organization's Finance Dept.

  • Final list of findings, in Arabic and English.

  • Audit opinion report for the fiscal year 2020, in Arabic and English

  • Fiscal year financial statement for the fiscal year 2020, in Arabic and English

  • Income & expenditures list for the fiscal year 2020 in Arabic and English

  • Final Report: The report shall describe the work carried out in respect of the specific contract in English.

The Organization will do its utmost to ensure that the contractor’s staff receives the cooperation of the management of the body to be audited in the execution of  required audits. If either the contractor or the Organization establishes that the audit work cannot be accomplished because of the lack of co-operation of the body to be audited, it shall immediately inform the other party.

3.4.Evaluation criteria

The offers will be valued according to the "best-value-for-money" procedure.

Legal Liability: 

Applicants must prove their legal, regulatory, economic, financial, technical and professional capacity to carry out the work subject to this procurement procedure. a proof of registration on a professional or trade register or any other official document showing the registration number is required. Completeness of all the required documents will be scored for 20% of the evaluation criteria.

3.4.2.Technical offer

The technical offer must cover all aspects and tasks required in the technical specification and provide all the information to support. A detailed plan for the task and the CV of the personnel to conduct this tasks together with evidences of previous contracts are required.. The score of the technical offer 40%.

3.4.3.Financial offer

The price for the offer must be quoted in USD and shall describe the details of the costs in terms of the number of staff, number of working days for each staff, etc.  The financial offer will have 40% of the evaluation score. 


How to apply

Interested applicants can send the technical and financial offers together with the other required documents to:   in an email titled: External Auditing Service ApplicationDeadline is 15 January 2021.

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